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TWC’s Witmer On Broadcaster Blackouts: “We Can’t Continue to Let Consumers’ Bills Go Up Unchecked”


CBS’ recent blackout of our customers continues to reverberate across the pay-TV industry, as the media speculates about potential blackout disputes on the horizon involving other companies and elected officials zero in on the outdated law that makes it all possible. We talked to Melinda Witmer, Time Warner Cable’s EVP and Chief Video and Content… Read more »

We’ve Reached Agreement With Journal Broadcast Group


After months of negotiating – and a protracted, unpleasant blackout – we are pleased to say that we have reached an agreement that returns TV stations owned by Journal Broadcast Group to our lineup in Wisconsin, Nebraska and California. The channels should be restored over the next 24 hours. For more, see the press release… Read more »

We Are Awarding a Research Stipend to “The National Broadband Plan – An LGBT Perspective”


The Internet is changing our economy, culture, and community really, really fast. It’s changing it so fast that we may not be entirely aware of how our world is changing, or how we can keep up. That’s why our Research Program on Digital Communication grants stipends to scholars to pursue research that helps us –… Read more »

We’re Going To Air the Debates for NYC Comptroller and Mayor


If you’re a NYC political junkie, you’re going to love this: Despite the CBS blackout, we will be airing the New York City comptroller and mayoral debates live on channels 2 and 702 (HD). The comptroller debate will air Thursday, August 22, from 7 to 8 p.m. The GOP mayoral debate will air at 7… Read more »

Journal Broadcast Group’s Deceptive Credit Stunt


The Journal Broadcast Group is pulling a remarkably manipulative stunt. By simply typing up an erroneous document and pushing it around the Internet, they’re trying to falsely convince our customers that we are legally obligated to issue credits for Journal’s decision to remove their channels from our lineup and black out our customers in Wisconsin,… Read more »

CBS Blocking Its Online Content Is Unprecedented and Unfair to Customers


Last week, our negotiations with CBS broke down, and their programming was blacked out on our network. Before this dispute, CBS was making its programming available for free on But shortly after the blackout started, they began blocking Time Warner Cable Internet customers from accessing their content online. It’s one thing for channels to… Read more »

Alternatives For Our Customers to Watch PGA and NFL Pre-Season Games During CBS Blackout


This CBS blackout is frustrating, but our sports-loving customers won’t have to miss a thing – we’ve come up with some alternative ways to watch the PGA season Championship and NFL preseason games. From our related press release: PGA is offering several ways for customers to watch the tournaments, including live stream at and… Read more »

Answers to Some FAQs About Our CBS Blackout


Our standoff/situation with CBS continues. I’m getting a lot of questions in the comments, so I thought I’d use this post to present a few points in an effort to clear up any misunderstandings and answer a few commonly asked questions. Take from this what you will, and feel free to share it around: 1)… Read more »

An Open Letter From Glenn Britt to Les Moonves, CEO of CBS Corporation


This is an open letter to Les Moonves, president and CEO of CBS Corporation from Glen Britt, Time Warner Cable’s Chairman and CEO. It went out over the wire this afternoon, and we thought it would make sense to post here: Dear Les, In the interest of getting CBS back on our cable systems today,… Read more »

A Message From Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt About CBS Corporation


Our Chairman and CEO Glenn Britt has put out a statement about our current situation with CBS. Here’s what he said: As you probably know from news reports and advertising from both sides, Time Warner Cable’s current contract with CBS Television expired yesterday at 5pm Eastern Time. The contract was set to expire weeks ago,… Read more »