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The Need For Speed Means Faster Internet For Parts Of NYC And LA


Don’t blink New York City and Los Angeles. You just might miss how fast your Internet moves thanks to some groundbreaking improvements made by Time Warner Cable. TWC is now delivering Internet speeds up to 300 Megabits per second (Mbps) to customers in several New York and LA communities following network upgrades. We’re transforming the customer experience by boosting… Read more »

TWC’s Minson Appears Before Senate Judiciary Committee

Capitol Hill

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on the merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable on Wednesday, April 9, 2014. Time Warner Cable Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Artie Minson testified before the Committee on the merger and its impact on consumers. Here is the full text of Minson’s statement: Mr…. Read more »

What’s All The Hubbub About Hubs?

LA Hub

Time Warner Cable is making groundbreaking improvements that will provide customers with up to six times faster Internet speeds, a clearer TV picture, and more service choices. These enhancements will roll out first in Los Angeles and New York City – our two largest markets. Such an undertaking requires a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes at… Read more »

TWC’s Marcus Talks Comcast Merger, Subscriber Growth at Deutsche Bank

Rob Marcus 2

Time Warner Cable Chairman and CEO Rob Marcus presented publicly before investors and analysts Wednesday, March 12 at the Deutsche Bank Media, Internet and Telecom Conference in Palm Beach, Fla. He talked in some detail about the company’s merger with Comcast and company-wide initiatives to revitalize the residential customer experience. Marcus also echoed public comments… Read more »

With More than 30 Patents, TWC’s Kenneth Gould Aims for Innovation

Patent Featured

In a thousand different ways that you might never consider, innovation occurs every day here at Time Warner Cable. Go home, flip on your living room light switch and think for a second about the complex, inter-locking series of technologies required to make that work – from the switch itself, to the physical light-bulb, to… Read more »

What is IPv6? TWC Upgrades the Internet

IPv6 Featured

For many, the Internet has become the everyday equivalent of digital tap water, available in unlimited quantities for a modest monthly fee. When operating as it should, the user experience is relatively seamless – simply fire up your home laptop and surf or stream to the very end of the Internet. It’s an unconsidered luxury,… Read more »

TWC’s Marcus on Comcast Merger: We Remain Committed to Providing Great Customer Experiences


Last week we announced an agreement to merge with Comcast Corporation. This is a historic time, and I’m excited about the tremendous benefits this merger will bring to consumers. Comcast and Time Warner Cable have been behind all of the cable industry’s most important innovations – high-speed Internet, DVRs and Video On Demand, to name… Read more »

TWC Introduces Ultimate 100 Mbps Internet in NYC

Internet Featured

It was only a short time ago when the primary concern for online subscribers was, “Can I check my email and play Call of Duty?” A half-way decent up/down would get you to the other side of the Internet and back; an old-school Linksys Wi-Fi router was a luxury for your cell phone. Today, however,… Read more »

Get the Details on TWC’s Plan to Transform TV & Internet Experience

Meet the Experts (2)

Earlier this month, TWC’s Chairman and CEO Rob Marcus wrote a blog post about how we are rededicating ourselves to providing superior customer service. Today, we’re announcing a major step in that initiative – a plan to transform the Time Warner Cable customer experience, beginning with our two largest markets, New York City and Los Angeles. We’re… Read more »