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TWC Now Offers Free Calls to Mexico

Free Calls To Mexico

Staying in touch with family and friends just got a whole lot easier, especially for our nation’s fastest growing population. Time Warner Cable is expanding its “Unlimited Home Phone National Plan” to include free calls to Mexico. Under this plan, TWC phone customers can make free calls to anyone in Mexico. Whether calling a landline or a… Read more »

TWC’s Flagship Store Opens in NYC: Take the Tour

Flagship Featured

Stepping into our new, state-of-the-art TWC flagship store – located on 23rd St. in the historic Flatiron district of NYC – feels a bit like shopping in the future.  TVs, monitors, over-sized tablets and hands-on demo stations blend seamlessly with curved, bamboo structures and metropolitan, exposed-brick facades. Like if the Jetsons had lived in a… Read more »

Time Warner Cable: A Year in Review


As any year counts down its final hours, it’s easy to look ahead to the following 365 days with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Here at TWC we’re thrilled at the prospects that 2014 holds for the industry and our customers, but we’re also incredibly proud of all that we accomplished over the last… Read more »

Put Your Home Phone in Your Pocket with Answer Anywhere and Selective Call Acceptance


More and more, we’re living in the age of the portable living room, watching TV on our tablets, controlling our gaming consoles via handhelds and apps. We can even adjust the brightness of light bulbs, monitor security systems or crank up the AC on our way home from work. All from our cell phones. But… Read more »

Troubleshoot at Home with MyTWC and MyServices


Simply because TWC customer service representatives are available 24/7 doesn’t mean that you are, as well. Technical issues can occur at any time – when you’re away from your phone, when the clock’s ticking down to your favorite program, when even a moment on hold isn’t an option – and very often, the solution is… Read more »

Cable Tech Serves Remote Maine Island

Time Warner Cable Technician, Maine

At least two mornings a week Time Warner Cable technician Matt Holloway drives to the Rockland, Maine, ferry terminal. He parks his truck, grabs his raincoat and packs his lunch, tools, extra modems and set-top boxes in an orange roller bag. Then he boards the Captain Charles Philbrook for the one-hour and 15-minute crossing to… Read more »

TWC Offers Lifeline Phone Discount To Eligible New Yorkers


When struggling to make ends meet, every bit helps; including access to affordable phone service. Time Warner Cable understands this and today the company launched its “Lifeline” program for home phone customers throughout New York State. Lifeline is part of the FCC’s government-assistance program, offering eligible customers per household a monthly credit or discount on their residential home phone bill. Eligible individuals… Read more »

Now Announcing VoiceMail to Text for our Home Phone Subscribers

If you’re a Time Warner Cable Home Phone subscriber, you can get your home phone messages anytime, anywhere. We’re launching a Voicemail to Text product today that sends home phone voicemail message transcriptions via text message to a mobile phone or email address. Voicemail to Text gives customers yet another option to access the messages… Read more »

Enjoy Home Phone Better with VoiceZone™

Amidst all the hype surrounding the iPhone 5, Time Warner Cable has been quietly working to add a slew of new features to your trusty home phone. The centerpiece of this transformation is what we call VoiceZone™, which enables you to get more value from your phone service whether you’re on your computer, watching TV,… Read more »

Technology Build-Out Fosters Business Connectivity, Innovation

This past July, CNBC released its America’s Top States For Doing Business, recognizing business prize innovation, nurturing new ideas and building the infrastructure to support them. While it may be surprising to some that the top state for innovation is New York, it’s not so surprising to me. Broadband access plays as critical a role… Read more »