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NY1 Debuts New Behind-the-Scenes Series “How NYC Works”

NYC Skyline

On Thursday, March 6th, Time Warner Cable News NY1 will launch a bi-weekly series called “How NYC Works.” The ongoing feature will take an in-depth look at the inner workings and day-to-day operations of the city’s five boroughs. The special reports will feature NY1 personality Roger Clark as he goes behind-the-scenes of locations New Yorkers… Read more »

What is IPv6? TWC Upgrades the Internet

IPv6 Featured

For many, the Internet has become the everyday equivalent of digital tap water, available in unlimited quantities for a modest monthly fee. When operating as it should, the user experience is relatively seamless – simply fire up your home laptop and surf or stream to the very end of the Internet. It’s an unconsidered luxury,… Read more »

Five Everyday Uses for the TWC TV App at Home

Family Tablet

Here at TWC, we work around-the-clock to ensure that all the latest innovations are making your experience better, faster and easier, but for every twenty-something enthusiast streaming content on-the-go, there’s an old-school viewer who still sees the TV as exclusive to the living room. Over the last few years, we’ve rolled out the TWC TV… Read more »

Troubleshoot at Home with MyTWC and MyServices


Simply because TWC customer service representatives are available 24/7 doesn’t mean that you are, as well. Technical issues can occur at any time – when you’re away from your phone, when the clock’s ticking down to your favorite program, when even a moment on hold isn’t an option – and very often, the solution is… Read more »

Food Network’s Anne Burrell Cooks Up a Culinary Science Lesson


Each Thanksgiving, as parents and children gather around an over-stuffed table, it would be easy to assume that every five-course feast is simply the product of its core ingredients. Carrots and celery. Turkey and mashed potatoes. But grandma’s love and a pinch of salt alone don’t make the pie dough rise. This year, Time Warner… Read more »

TWC & The Weather Channel Help Families Plan For Severe Weather


  Mother Nature is not always so nurturing.  In fact, sometimes she can turn lives upside down, as was the case a year ago when Hurricane Sandy smashed into the Northeast. The super storm not only impacted the lives of thousands of people along the Atlantic, but it also impacted hundreds of Time Warner Cable… Read more »

Cable Tech Serves Remote Maine Island

Time Warner Cable Technician, Maine

At least two mornings a week Time Warner Cable technician Matt Holloway drives to the Rockland, Maine, ferry terminal. He parks his truck, grabs his raincoat and packs his lunch, tools, extra modems and set-top boxes in an orange roller bag. Then he boards the Captain Charles Philbrook for the one-hour and 15-minute crossing to… Read more »

Alternatives For Our Customers to Watch PGA and NFL Pre-Season Games During CBS Blackout


This CBS blackout is frustrating, but our sports-loving customers won’t have to miss a thing – we’ve come up with some alternative ways to watch the PGA season Championship and NFL preseason games. From our related press release: PGA is offering several ways for customers to watch the tournaments, including live stream at and… Read more »

Service Alerts, Troubleshooting, and Account Activity All Part of My TWC App Upgrade


If you haven’t already downloaded the My TWC™ App (4.0) for your Android/iOS mobile device, I’d really recommend doing it now. We just released a significant upgrade that makes it even more useful than ever before. When it first came out, customers could access VoiceZone, check and pay their TWC bills and manage service appointments…. Read more »

Now Launching TWC Community Support Forums

Did you know that we have a specific section of the Time Warner Cable website for customer feedback — including a place where you can request specific TV channels? It’s true – just follow this link, scroll down to the “Feedback” section and select “Channel Requests” from the drop-down box. I learned this from our… Read more »