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What is IPv6? TWC Upgrades the Internet

IPv6 Featured

For many, the Internet has become the everyday equivalent of digital tap water, available in unlimited quantities for a modest monthly fee. When operating as it should, the user experience is relatively seamless – simply fire up your home laptop and surf or stream to the very end of the Internet. It’s an unconsidered luxury,… Read more »

Common Sense Media’s Darri Stephens on Back to School

Back to School with Common Sense Media

In partnership with Common Sense Media, we’re bringing parents free resources to help kids stay safe online, like downloadable tip sheets and videos to help them manage digital devices. Browse these free Back to School resources by visiting our Internet Safety page on Gone are the days of the Trapper Keeper stuffed with tattered… Read more »

TWC’s IntelligentHome Helps Kansas City Police Search For Burglars

IH_Front Door

Caught on camera!  Burglars recently broke into a Kansas City home, but what the thieves failed to realize is that the house they broke into is smarter than the average home. The crime was captured on camera by Time Warner Cable’s IntelligentHome.  IntelligentHome is a home security and home management service that puts security into… Read more »

Summertime Surfing: Some Common Sense To Keep Kids Safe While Surfing The Web


In partnership with Common Sense Media, we’re bringing parents free resources to help kids stay safe online, including Common Sense Media’s new Digital Passport mobile app for Android and iOS  Download the app for FREE through the end of August by visiting our Internet Safety Summer page on It’s summer time. “No more pencils, no… Read more »

Summer Freebie: Digital Passport Web Safety App

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School’s out for the summer, which means kids have that much more downtime to spend on digital devices.  In partnership with Common Sense Media, we’re bringing parents free educational resources to help keep their kids safe online. Want to keep your kids safe during their summer screen time? Take advantage of CSM’s award-winning Digital Passport… Read more »

Explained: Why Internet Traffic Slows At Times


Occasionally, Internet users experience a lagging video game or a stuttering YouTube video. We do our best to minimize buffering and other slowdowns at Time Warner Cable, but this is normal for broadband users at any Internet service provider, at least some of the time. The reasons, as we’ll explain below, have to do with… Read more »

“Common Sense” Media for Kids and Video Games

If you have children that love playing video games, chances are they might have recently received a new gaming system or new video games for holiday gifts. As a parent, you probably want to know everything you can about the games your kids are playing, including their ratings, any objectionable content, and if they have any… Read more »

World IPv6 Day: Test Your Machines Before the Electronic Rapture

I’ve mentioned World IPv6 Day here before, but I’ll forgive you if you’ve forgotten about it. As a concept, it’s marginally more exciting than a wet loaf of bread, but it’s a lot more important. Here’s a relevant excerpt from a previous post: The IP in IPv4 and IPv6 stands for Internet Protocol. It is,… Read more »

The Internet Wish List: All I Want Is A Short-Term Kill Switch

I came across a pretty interesting post on Laughing Squid today: The Internet Wishlist, by Amrit Richmond. It’s a sort of open, public suggestion box that collects ideas for apps, websites and new technologies. All you do is share your idea, no matter how big or small, and then it gets posted like a little… Read more »