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TWC and NBCUniversal Provide Olympic Coverage at Home or On the Go

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The Olympic Winter Games are about to commence in Sochi, Russia, uniting sports fans across the nation – and, indeed, the world – for the next three weeks. Running from February 6 through February 23, the sheer volume of athletic competitions would be nearly impossible to watch entirely from your couch. That’s why Time Warner… Read more »

Showtime and Food Network Tailgate for the Super Bowl at TWC Studios

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With the Big Game only days away and tailgating parties banned from the Super Bowl stadium itself, sports fans are already planning their in-home menus. Stocking up on chicken wings in advance of a possible – and possibly disastrous – chicken wing shortage; constructing complex nacho infrastructures capable of supporting the right cheese-to-meat ratio; inventing… Read more »

Getting Healthy with The Biggest Losers

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The time has arrived to make resolutions, to establish goals, to better ourselves in the New Year. Whether it’s to lose weight, quit smoking, eat healthy or manage stress, we can all benefit from getting healthier. Increasingly, however, weight loss and obesity are as much a national issue as a personal one and TWC is… Read more »

We’re Covering Debate Season in New York State

If you’re a political junkie like I am, than a presidential election year is like Christmas all over again. To help “celebrate the season” Time Warner Cable’s news stations throughout New York State will be producing and airing a series of political debates to better prepare its customers when they vote in key federal elections… Read more »

Regents Review Tutorials Available On Demand in New York State

I really wish that Regents Review 2.0 video resources had been available when I was in high school. Maybe then I wouldn’t have just barely passed my Biology and Chemistry NYS Regents exams!  Science may not have been my strong suit, but the good news for Time Warner Cable customers throughout New York State is that students… Read more »

Join Us For the Akron Marathon

This Saturday, nearly 15,000 people are expected to participate in the Akron Marathon, an event that’s become a major attraction for Northeast Ohio. And since the inaugural race nine years ago, Time Warner Cable has been along for the run as the title sponsor. But our involvement goes well beyond that. Each year Time Warner… Read more »

Travel TV Helping Texans Beat The Heat

Embracing a hot summer is just part of a Texan’s DNA. But this year, 100+ degree temperatures since May have Lone Star state natives crying for mercy and record droughts even threatening one Texas town’s existence.  For those living anywhere between Dallas and the Rio Grande Valley, there is an understandable lack of incentive to… Read more »

Grab the Astro Ice Cream & Tune-In: It Ain’t Rocket Science

What do FIRST Robotics, the Tasmanian devil and outer space creature comforts have in common? They’re topics of discussion in It Ain’t Rocket Science, a pilot that we recently produced as part of our Connect a Million Minds initiative.  Hosted by technology reporter Adam Balkin, It Ain’t Rocket Science is a half hour special that…

Missing Children On Demand Launches In Texas

Imagine if an entire community of people the size of Austin, Texas just vanished. Gone without a trace. The incident would shock everyone and make headlines across the globe. Sadly, more than 800,000 children are reported missing in the United States every single year – and for most of them, their disappearance barely garners public… Read more »