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What’s All The Hubbub About Hubs?

LA Hub

Time Warner Cable is making groundbreaking improvements that will provide customers with up to six times faster Internet speeds, a clearer TV picture, and more service choices. These enhancements will roll out first in Los Angeles and New York City – our two largest markets. Such an undertaking requires a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes at… Read more »

Winter Already Testing TWC Techs

Texas Techs Ice Storm

December may put you in the holiday spirit, but it’s also a reminder that “Old Man Winter” can put a chill in that holiday cheer. In parts of the US, Time Warner Cable technicians are already dealing with frigid and treacherous conditions. In several states, our technicians remain up to the challenge as they plow through piles of… Read more »

Troubleshoot at Home with MyTWC and MyServices


Simply because TWC customer service representatives are available 24/7 doesn’t mean that you are, as well. Technical issues can occur at any time – when you’re away from your phone, when the clock’s ticking down to your favorite program, when even a moment on hold isn’t an option – and very often, the solution is… Read more »

Remembering Sandy: Superstorm Unifies Super Effort

TWC Sandy Response

For the past two weeks, we’ve taken a look back at Hurricane Sandy and her impact on TWC. Although Sandy turned many lives upside down, the storm also unified our company and the hardworking employees who went above and beyond to restore service and to help New Yorkers recover from the storm. The days following… Read more »

Remembering Sandy: TWC Employees Balance Between Personal Loss And Professional Dedication

Look at this damage to a house from Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy slammed into New York City a year ago, she cut a path of destruction that impacted New Yorkers from all walks of life – and Time Warner Cable employees were no exception. In our continuing series, the video below looks at some of our employees who worked long hours, restoring service at an incredible… Read more »

Remembering Sandy: TWC Helps the Community


As soon as Sandy’s furor faded, Time Warner Cable got into action to help the communities in New York & New Jersey. We donated $600,000 to recovery efforts, divided among the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City and the American Red Cross in New York and New Jersey. According to Bobby Amirshahi, VP of… Read more »

In Sandy’s Wake, TWC Employees Put Customers First


Time Warner Cable employees were hard at work cleaning up and moving on as soon as the storm passed. According to Brien Kelly, TWC’s area vice president for Brooklyn and Queens: It always is amazing, the way the team comes together whenever there’s a crisis. You never have to worry about it, sometimes you take… Read more »

TWC Remembers Superstorm Sandy One Year Later

Superstorm Sandy

It’s been a year since Hurricane Sandy slammed into the Northeast. People in the region are still feeling the storm’s impact on their lives and property. This week on Untangled, we’re looking at Sandy’s impact on Time Warner Cable, and focusing on our employees who made it a priority to clean up facilities and restore… Read more »

Journal Broadcast Group’s Deceptive Credit Stunt


The Journal Broadcast Group is pulling a remarkably manipulative stunt. By simply typing up an erroneous document and pushing it around the Internet, they’re trying to falsely convince our customers that we are legally obligated to issue credits for Journal’s decision to remove their channels from our lineup and black out our customers in Wisconsin,… Read more »