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TWC Statement in Response to Retransmission Bills Filed in Congress

Capitol Hill

Two bills were introduced in Congress yesterday to reform the outdated retransmission consent law that allows broadcasters who benefit from the public airwaves to use blackout threats to force higher fees from pay-TV providers and their customers. Here is our statement in response to the legislation introduced by Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., and Rep. Cory… Read more »

Another Retrans Fight: Sinclair Viewers Won’t Lose Their Network Programming

It wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without another retransmission consent fight (retrans for short.) Like I said earlier this year, it’s happening with increasing frequency and a byproduct of a broken system. This year’s negotiations are with Sinclair Broadcasting, which owns Fox, ABC and CBS affiliates in several of our service areas in the Midwest,… Read more »

More Fee Fights: It’s Musical Chairs and the Song is Getting Old

I’d like to bring your attention to recent article from Bloomberg: Television Blackouts in U.S. Reach Decade-High Over Fee Fights Here’s an excerpt: TV blackouts in the U.S. have reached the highest level in a decade and may climb as pay-TV operators fight higher fees sought by content providers. Disputes over fees have caused five… Read more »

We Have A Deal with Disney/ESPN and ABC

Attention football fans, princess lovers, and Wife-Swap watchers … It warms the core of my leathery corporate heart to bring you the following announcement: We’re pleased to announce that we have reached a long-term agreement with ESPN/ABC and Disney to provide for continued carriage of a broad array of Disney/ABC and ESPN networks and services… Read more »

Relax. Breathe. We’re Committed to Keeping Disney, ABC, ESPN On the Air

As you may have heard, Time Warner Cable is currently negotiating new contracts with Disney. Disney owns the Disney cable channels (naturally), as well as ABC and ESPN. We’ve both been working hard to reach an agreement. This I can personally vouch for. They’re doing the negotiations right down the hall from my office and… Read more »