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TWC Public WiFi Gets a Security Boost

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For some, public WiFi is a free buffet of endless Internet access, the corner coffee shop of screenplay research and web browsing. For others, it’s a potential feeding frenzy of fraud, a place where techno-savvy thieves can pull your credit card numbers and personal information from the air. And while free public WiFi is largely… Read more »

TWC Technology Meets Natural History At The Museum

Natural History Museum LA County

Where do you go when ancient history needs a dose of modern technology? The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County was looking to enhance its exhibits with the help of WiFi. So the museum turned to a trusted partner in Time Warner Cable to provide visitors with free wireless access. The partnership is part of TWC’s on-going… Read more »

TWC’s Flagship Store Opens in NYC: Take the Tour

Flagship Featured

Stepping into our new, state-of-the-art TWC flagship store – located on 23rd St. in the historic Flatiron district of NYC – feels a bit like shopping in the future.  TVs, monitors, over-sized tablets and hands-on demo stations blend seamlessly with curved, bamboo structures and metropolitan, exposed-brick facades. Like if the Jetsons had lived in a… Read more »

TWC Introduces Ultimate 100 Mbps Internet in NYC

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It was only a short time ago when the primary concern for online subscribers was, “Can I check my email and play Call of Duty?” A half-way decent up/down would get you to the other side of the Internet and back; an old-school Linksys Wi-Fi router was a luxury for your cell phone. Today, however,… Read more »

Milwaukee LULAC Taps Into TWC To Provide Free WiFi In The Park


Who doesn’t like a nice walk in the park – and for families in one Milwaukee neighborhood, there will soon be one more reason to enjoy the park. TWC technicians are currently pulling fiber to access points in Walker Square Park in south Milwaukee. As a testament to this true partnership, LULAC will provide the equipment and will offer WiFi service under its own network… Read more »

WiFi Expansion Faces Spectrum Crunch

WiFi Receiver

In October, Time Warner Cable’s Research Program on Digital Communications was proud to release Solving the Spectrum Crunch by Michael Calabrese, Director of the Wireless Future Project at the New America Foundation. The paper focused on a looming problem in our nation’s telecommunications policy; the ever increasing demand for licensed and unlicensed spectrum. Wireless communication signals travel over radio frequencies, also known… Read more »

Five Everyday Uses for the TWC TV App at Home

Family Tablet

Here at TWC, we work around-the-clock to ensure that all the latest innovations are making your experience better, faster and easier, but for every twenty-something enthusiast streaming content on-the-go, there’s an old-school viewer who still sees the TV as exclusive to the living room. Over the last few years, we’ve rolled out the TWC TV… Read more »

Time Warner Cable: A Year in Review


As any year counts down its final hours, it’s easy to look ahead to the following 365 days with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Here at TWC we’re thrilled at the prospects that 2014 holds for the industry and our customers, but we’re also incredibly proud of all that we accomplished over the last… Read more »

TWC WiFi Hotspots Grow 160% Over 2013, More Local Hotspots Added

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Ring in the New Year remotely! With the addition of 500 new TWC WiFi hotspots in and around Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Time Warner Cable has grown its publicly available WiFi network by 160% since 2013. Our customers can now log on at 28,000 TWC hotspots across the country. And through the CableWiFi initiative –… Read more »